Merde! Charlotte Ballet featured in The New York Times.

You know the best thing about working with Charlotte Ballet? Everyone talks about their love of stories. The dancers, the choreographer ... everyone. It's been a perfect match, and I can't wait to see the opening of The Most Incredible Thing — with music by the Pet Shop Boys — on Friday. Click image below for The New York Times story, "A Ballet Score? Not Such a Stretch for the Pet Shop Boys." This story ran online yesterday and in the print edition today.



The Charlotte Observer profiles Javier de Frutos

This profile — "He's performed naked, and choreographed a GoT wedding. His Charlotte work is ... different" — in The Charlotte Observer is the best profile I have read in a long time.

It's about Javier de Frutos, choreographer for the Charlotte Ballet's upcoming show, The Most Incredible Thing, and artist in residence at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation. It's been fun getting to know Javier and hearing his stories.