Inc. column: Forget Self-Help Books: Here's Why You Need a Theme Song to Be More Successful

In my second column for Inc., I wrote about theme songs. I love theme songs so much that I collect them.

An excerpt: 

"What's your theme song?

That's one of my favorite questions to ask people -- friends, clients, sources I'm interviewing for stories, gym rats who come to the fitness classes I teach in my side gig. If you don't have one, you need one. Theme songs do your career and your soul some good. More on that later.

You can learn a lot about people based on whether they have an anthem and what it is. Picture my gym friend Bob. Bob is a fierce criminal defense attorney who also tears it up in the spin room. He has a quick response to my theme song query.

"I play 'London Calling' by The Clash on the first morning of every trial," Bob tells me. "The driving beat, the howls and the lyric 'now war is declared, and battle come down' all get my mind in the right frame. I usually play a different Clash song every other morning of trial, but 'London Calling' has to be the first day."

You can see Bob clearly, right?

Professionally speaking, there are theme songs for every occasion -- the powerful anthem before a big client meeting, the pick-me-up for when you hate your job or your boss, the victory dance song for when you score a big win, the ballad that's a balm after a long day."

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