What's your story?

People often ask what I do best. My answer: Write. Tell stories. Connect stories of fabulous people to audiences who matter to them.

That's the energy that fuels my business. Storytelling is what I did during journalism school and post college — first as a reporter and then as a corporate PR professional. It’s what I did in high school while at journalism camp (yes, there's such a thing!) and on the speech and debate team.

Write. Tell stories. Connect stories. 

A visual reminder sits on my desk: a photo from Christmas Day 1979. My sister Cristy and I are wearing pink fleece footed pajamas. I'm hoisting my prized gift, a typewriter.


Many years later, I still remember how surprised I was as I hadn't asked Santa for a typewriter. I wasn't a big Santa fan after he once mistook me for a boy thanks to the wonderful 1970s bowl haircut my mother inflicted upon me. But that's another story. I had told my mom that my classroom had a typewriter for playtime, but it was always in use by my classmates. Little did I know that this was perhaps my first experience in telling a story that got others to listen, care and take action. (Thanks, Mom.)

What are you good at? What’s your story?