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One great way to get PR is to make your own PR.

I tell clients all the time that we don't need to wait for news outlets to write stories about them. We can write the stories. I help my clients showcase their subject matter expertise in guest commentary for national, regional, local and trade outlets.

While some firms will only pitch stories and others will only write them, I do both! Check out some of the results below. Thanks. -Amy

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National News Outlets

I have written several opinion articles for Malcolm Graham, a former Charlotte City council member and N.C. state senator whose sister was killed in the 2015 Charleston church shooting. Among the outlets to have published these articles: and The Washington Post. Here's an excerpt from the article "#PrayFor(InsertCityHere): Sutherland Springs joins the saddest fraternity," which The Washington Post published Nov. 13, 2017.


CREDIT: Washington Post

CREDIT: Washington Post

Regional/Local News Outlets

I have written pieces for regional and local news outlets, where my clients do business. Consider this piece written for Michael VanErdewyk, CEO and Chairman of ReliaMax, a private student loan company based in South Dakota. This story, "There's no free college (but here's how to make it affordable again," was published Aug. 17, 2016, by the American City Business Journals, which owns and operates 40 papers and corresponding websites across the country.


Industry/Trade Outlets 

Many of my clients are financial services professionals, and I have experience getting their thoughts, opinions and expertise published in outlets that their clients read. Industry outlets where I have successfully place clients' ghostwritten guest commentary include Credit Union Journal, Financial and Investment News. Below are examples of articles written for credit union executives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Springfield, Missouri.