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Hi, I'm Amy!

Think of me as your personal linkedin makeover artist.

I’m a former reporter turned corporate communications and public relations professional. I believe we all need to do a little career PR for ourselves — well, only if we want a new job, a better job, a promotion, new clients, more business. And it all starts with LinkedIn. It's not enough to be on LinkedIn. The fact is with half a billion users, you have to work it to stand out. You do it with story — your story.

we will find your story and tell it on LinkedIn.

I get it. It’s hard to write about yourself. It feels conceited or stiff. You know you need to do it to get ahead, to be seen as credible, smart and together. But you've been immersed in corporate jargon for so long that you can’t find the right words. Trust me, you have all the words. You have a career story that demands to be told. We will find it together and tell it in a way that makes you memorable and different from everyone else on LinkedIn. You are made to stand out. You are an all-star in life, so why not on LinkedIn?

Put your story in the hands of a pro storyteller.

As a professional writer for more than 20 years, I call on my reporter skills to find the stories that make my clients shine in life and on LinkedIn. I add in details they've never thought of but that convey 100 percent who they are and what they do better than anyone else. And it doesn’t sound boastful and it’s not full of overused corporate lingo. It rings true, because it is.

What's the big deal about linkedin?

Your LinkedIn profile is your virtual elevator pitch.

It highlights your career and expertise all in one tidy spot. It can get you noticed by recruiters, would-be bosses, prospective clients and more. But your profile has to be up to date, memorable and engaging.

ENTER the LinkedIn makeover.

The By George LinkedIn makeover is a complete overhaul — from cover art to headline, summary story, experience section and missed opportunities. It helps you get noticed and reach the next step in your career. You can read more about LinkedIn in the articles I write for Inc. Online.



How The LinkedIn Makeover Works:

• I interview you. By phone or in person, for one hour tops.

• I review your resume and any bio material you have.

• I get to work.

• Within two weeks, you are shining bright on LinkedIn.

Your network will notice your elevated presence. Expect emails, messages, phone calls, job offers and more.

Remember, nobody will ever care more about your career than you.


Ready to invest in your success?

Book your LinkedIn Makeover today.


Or, prefer to DIY with a little help? For a smaller investment, I also offer the By George LinkedIn Audit. Basically, I review your page with you on the phone and provide detailed recommendations on changes you can make. Get ready to take some serious notes.

Book your LinkedIn Audit today.

(You can always upgrade to a complete By George LinkedIn Makeover.)