public relations for business & nonprofits

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PR = Good Business 

Journalist. Corporate communicator. Entrepreneur. My career has revolved around stories and I love the power of good ones. Good stories that reach the right audience can bring you new business or the very best employees and partners. For nonprofits, effective storytelling can mean new funds and energized volunteers and ambassadors. I love working with small- and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits, helping you reach your goals through PR. Sometimes I partner with my clients' PR departments. Other times I am the PR department. No matter what, it's pretty awesome to help organizations and leaders find and share what makes them special. 


Helping You Tell Your Best Stories

After years as a professional journalist, I know stories and how they are delivered to the world. I put that knowledge to use for you and your organization's leaders and subject matter experts. I think of all of the reporters — print and broadcast, local and national — with audiences who would benefit from hearing your stories and learning about what you do and what you know better than anyone else. Then I pitch your stories and knowledge to reporters, editors and producers, explaining what makes you stand out from the rest. I’m constantly looking for opportunities for your best people to be interviewed or to write guest commentary. 


Helping You Manage Issues

Issues management. Crisis communications. Scary stuff. They can be if you don't have the right plan and right communicators in place. Keep in mind that not all crises are of your making. Bad weather can shutter operations. Another company's product recall can affect your supply chain. No matter the urgent issue, you need to communicate with all of your audiences — employees, shareholders, partners and media — in an honest and timely way. Throughout my years as a journalist and PR pro I have seen how organization manage through crises. In my financial services career, I wrote crisis plans and media statements and served as a spokesperson. Trust me, you don't want to take the chance of being ill prepared to face a crisis or rapidly evolving situation.

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