public relations for the professional


Your Goals = My Mission

I love working with solo professionals and being your personal PR strategist and storytelling champion. Some of you are fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners; others work for larger companies but have no PR resources. Many work in financial services. Others come from professions like healthcare and sales. No matter your field, you are looking for PR to achieve your goals, like more business or a new job. It’s a thrill to get you attention and help advance your career.


Pitching Your Stories

After years as a professional journalist, I know stories and how they are delivered to the world. I put that knowledge to use for you. I think of all of the reporters — print and broadcast, local and national — with audiences who would benefit from hearing your stories and learning about what you do and what you know better than anyone else. Then I pitch your stories and knowledge to reporters, editors and producers, explaining what makes you different from everyone else. I’m constantly looking for opportunities for you to be interviewed or to write guest commentary. 


Helping You Be Your Own Storyteller

It's great when reporters quote my clients in stories or interview them on air. But you also have to be your own best storyteller. I explore storytelling opportunities that you can control — LinkedIn pages, newsletters, blogs, websites and more — and write for you in your voice. How you represent yourself online can determine if you get that phone call, email or other contact that will increase your visibility and grow your business. It’s all about exposure, and it's all about using stories — your stories — to help achieve your goals.

Let's talk about how PR can help you reach your career goals.