Storytelling is what lights my fire.
— Hope Davis

Amy George, APR   by Heather Liebler Photography

Amy George, APR

by Heather Liebler Photography



I help people tell their stories so they are noticed and celebrated in ways that lead to bigger, better things.



Corporate communications pro.


Knock poker player.

After more than two decades in newsrooms and corporate public relations, I put it all together and opened By George Communications. The thing is I love telling stories. When I meet people and learn more about them, I think of all the other people who need to hear their stories. Then, I can't wait to share stories of what makes the people I know smart, successful or different from everyone else. I get fired up. The best part — and it happens a lot — is seeing my clients make connections through their stories and witnessing how they grow in their careers and score big business wins. 

Storytelling has been a lifelong passion. It's what I'm meant to do. Each day, each person offers a new story to champion. That's why I love what I do.

I want to hear your story. Drop me a line